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For nearly 20 years Sam Borelli has volunteered for numerous LGBTQ youth-serving organizations including GLSEN, Project 10, LifeWorks, and The Trevor Project, where he served on the Board of Directors and as Board Vice-Chair.  In 2007, Sam co-founded the LA LGBTQ Youth Advocates Coalition. In 2008, Sam became Executive Advisor to The Buddy System, a program to foster intergenerational interaction among LGBT seniors and juniors.

Sam’s work to help and support the next generation has brought his attention to a significant problem: too many of them were priced out of the West Hollywood market. For years, young people flocked to West Hollywood for its affordable rents and the embrace of a supportive environment.

Sam strongly believes that West Hollywood is better when all have the opportunity to live here.  By working with key stakeholders we can generate creative solutions, such as micro-units, to create affordable housing for this underserved segment of the population.

Sam will fight for all that want to and do make West Hollywood their home.


In 2003, Sam Borelli was unanimously appointed by the City Council to serve as an at-large member to the West Hollywood Public Safety Commission. During his tenure as Chair, the commission launched the inaugural Public Safety Education Campaign, enhanced the city’s Neighborhood Watch Program, and increased participation in West Hollywood’s National Night Out Against Crime events.

Sam knows that neighborhood livability is better when the community is involved.  While the Sheriff’s department does a wonderful job policing our city, it is only when the community is encouraged and provided with tools to contribute that we do better.  Sam will dedicate the resources necessary to further enrich public safety education and strengthen neighborhood watch programs.


Sam Borelli's work on the Avenues of Art, Fashion & Design Streetscape Working Group, LA PRIDE and the Halloween Task Force has given him insight on the negative impact of the City’s one-size fits all approach to transportation and parking on residents, visitors and businesses.

Public transportation and parking are not the issues that will get headlines, but their efficiency is critical to the vitality of our city. Presently, the city has an over reliance on the belief that you can only build your way out of the lack of parking and no creative thinking on how to inspire less dependence on automobile use.  Additionally, the city transportation system serves very few.

There are plenty of creative approaches to parking and public transportation, such as seeking public-private relations to provide transportation alternatives that bring customers to our various commercial centers. 

Sam knows from experience the City of West Hollywood has talented public employees and a large constituency looking to be inspired and engaged on this matter. Sam is a solutions-based thinker with a track record of looking forward and working to bring ideas to fruition.

More to follow in the coming weeks...


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